Our services

Designed for a healthier life


Build balance, develop awareness, strength, flexibility and relaxation.

Dedicating oneself towards a goal with the full understanding of what it takes to accomplish it. The Strive Health Club team will empower you to reach your goals and support you all the way.


Whether stabilising your joints or rebalancing the essentials of posture, our variety of Pilates classes will help you re-focus.

Reformer Pilates

Our crème de la crème Pilates Reformer Studio and qualified Stott instructor will provide individual attention for the ultimate mind/body transformation.

You don't need to be a member to join our reformer pilates classes.


In pursuit of your stillness, our Yoga classes will bring harmony to your mind and body.


Take your Yoga to the next level, hang tight as this is not your average Yoga flow. You don’t need to be an acrobat- no skills or shoes required!


Our world class 10,000sq ft facility with unparalleled equipment will help you achieve, no matter what your goal.

Altitude Training

Would you like to be able to gain the same training advantage as those living in the mountains? All Strive Health Club all of our altitude chamber classes are led by qualified staff.


Following your consultation, our dedicated health and performance coaches will be available to guide and motivate you through the STRIVE APP during every gym visit.

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Nutrition is an ever changing science but, the one constant has been that it is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and athletic success.

Our Platinum Membership will provide you with a full nutrition plan. We are partnering with Kit Chamier (MSc SENr ISAK) and Paul Garrod (IOPN Dip. SEN, ISAK) of True Food Sport Nutrition to provide this service and he will also be offering satellite clinics.

CAFE 790


Cafe 790 provides fundamental support to fuel your body and mind so you can maximise performance. We even have on offer the odd treat to reward your efforts.

Open to non-members from 7am, 7 days a week!


Whether your individual goals are as diverse as improving general health and wellbeing or enhancing athletic performance we will guide you through a well-designed nutrition plan via a qualified nutritionist.


Allow your body and mind to re-energise, re-set and re-store - whether you’re preparing for the next day’s activity or recovering from injury or illness.


At STRIVE we have the most powerful aquatic therapy machine usually accessible only to professional sports teams - SwimEx 600T.

Due to the nature of the low-impact and warm temperature, hydrotherapy is one of the most successful recovery treatments available for bones & muscles, soothing the body in several ways.


Our expert physiotherapist will be available to restore, maintain and make the most of your mobility function and well-being.


Our skilled therapist will re-balance your body’s natural flow of movement no matter if you are after a remedial massage or feeling any repetitive strain injury.